The Least You Need to Know About Getting Your Deck Ready for Winter

We’ve had an influx of calls after yesterday’s first snowstorm. Homeowners are wanting the least they need to know about getting their deck ready for winter. When it comes to winterizing your deck for 2021, Castle Rock Deck and Fence are here with some much needed tips. Our goal is to keep you investment looking nice but also lasting for as long as possible. Read on to learn some good tips to make life easier and your property in top condition. 

Tip #1 – Cover Composite Decking with a Tarp or Tarpualin
Wintertime in Colorado can mean rough weather. While composite decking is durable and lasts the longest, it is still important to prepare. Before laying down a tarp, be sure to scrub the deck and allow it to dry. Use a scrub brush to rid the boards of any mold, mildew or discoloration. Our preferred manufacturer does not recommend applying sealant. TimberTech composite wood products are already slip resistant and do not need sealant. While we can’t say EVERY composite wood products are equal to the brand we use, it shouldn’t be necessary to seal this material. 

Tip #2 – Remember to Remove Unneccsary Furniture and Items 
Items and furniture can tarnish and damage natural wood decks and some composite products. We suggest storing lawn chairs, planters, rugs and portable fireplaces in a safe place where they won’t stain or rust. 

Tip #3 – Get an Inspection, NOW Before the Real Weather Kicks In
For the safety of the users and your family members, be sure to get a thorough inspection of your wood decks prior to weather kicking in to ensure no issues will be made. When doing an inspection, we look for the following: 

  • Look for Loose or Broken Boards 
  • Check All Handrails for Damage 
  • Inspect for missing screws, or protruding nails 
  • Observe and Repair and Parts with Mold or Mildew 
  • Repair Water Damage 

Tip #4 – Wash and Dry Your Deck to Avoid Future Problems 
A little bleach and soap goes a long way. Since we still have some nice days ahead, this is the perfect time to get this done. 

Tip #5 – Stain and Seal Wood Decking for Protection 
While it may seem odd to stain or seal a deck before snow season, most manufactures and decking companies will refer to this treatment during the fall. Remember, it will take a few hours for drying times. Allow for this type of service to be complete within a day or two. 

If you do find snow or even hail has a sheet of ice, be cautious. Scratching boards is something commonly found when people DIY. Wood is porous and softer than most composite decking materials and can damage easily. 

Currently, we are booking up fast for winterizing decks in Colorado. However, we would be happy to discuss inspections and will work year round to provide excellence in customer care. Book a quote with us today! Click here: Contact Castle Rock Deck & Fence in Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs (