Deck Construction


Is your home lacking that special something that sets it apart from the other cookie-cutter homes on the block? Well, you can instantly increase its value by adding a quality deck.

Castle Rock Deck & Fence takes pride in providing quality decks to our customers that are built with care and attention. We specialize in building a variety of high-quality decks, including composite (maintenance-free) decks, cedar decks, redwood decks, and more.

Our team will work with you every step of the way to design and construct a custom solution that meets your needs and budget, enhances the beauty of your home, adds value to your property, and provides an ideal place for your family to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

We use only the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. Our decks are built to surpass the typical 10-15 years of staying power.

Experience a complete deck-building experience. Here’s how we do it!

Step 1: We seal the top of all joists and beams with Vycor plus 4 & 6 flashing. We install this to protect the joist and beams from water damage and to prevent the premature rot of the under-framing of the deck.

Step 2: We use Copper Naphthalene wood preservative on all treated lumber that we cut or any wood that will be making contact with the ground or fence posts. This product seals the ends of the treated lumber to ensure no water can penetrate the wood.

Step 3: We go above and beyond the codes of Colorado to make sure the ledger is properly attached to the house. If a ledger isn’t installed properly, it can cause the outer wood sheath on your house to rot, and water could enter your house.

Step 4: Lateral load deck attachments. These simple attachments keep the deck properly attached to the house and prevent collapse from the lateral load your deck puts on the ledger board. The fear of deck collapse is always an issue, but by using Simpson DTT1Z, the new standard in deck attachment, we can reduce the chance of this happening.

Step 5: When putting fasteners (screws and nails) to hold the deck together, galvanized fasteners must be used. The chemicals that are used in treated lumber will corrode non-galvanized fasteners and will compromise the deck structure.

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