There are a million reasons to love spending time outdoors: the freshly mowed lawn, the flowery scent lingering in the air, and the beautifully scattered clouds. When it comes to improving your backyard, you have a wide range of options that come with various advantages and distinct ambiances.

A pergola or a gazebo may be the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for a way to add functionality and style to your backyard. These two are pretty popular among homeowners looking for the perfect outdoor retreat. But which one should you go for?


Do you want a shady spot to host outdoor parties or have a romantic dinner? Or do you simply want an accent piece for your garden?

A pergola is an excellent choice if your main goal is to create an outdoor space that can be used for entertaining. They’re perfect for hosting dinner parties or large gatherings. You can also use them to create an intimate setting for two by adding some comfy furniture and some string lights.

On the other hand, a gazebo will give you more of a classic look. If you’re not planning on using it for entertainment, it can be a relaxing place to sit back with a book or take a nap on a sunny day. Gazebos can also be a great focal point in your garden.


We all have prying neighbors. If you want to create a space where you can feel like you’re in your own little world, then a gazebo is the way to go. The railing and the closed-in feeling will give you all the privacy you need. In a gazebo, roll-up screens provide considerably more seclusion than other structures.

If you’re not worried about privacy and want your outdoor space to feel open and airy, then a pergola is better. The latticework on the sides will give you plenty of privacy without making you feel claustrophobic.


How big on maintenance as a homeowner are you? Do you like to have things that require a lot of upkeep, or do you prefer something low-key?

Pergolas are generally pretty low maintenance. You might have to do some touch-ups here and there, like repainting or staining the wood every few years, using a termite control spray to keep bugs away, and checking to ensure the structure is still secure.

Gazebos require a bit more maintenance. In addition to repainting and staining, you’ll also have to regularly wash the screens or canvas sides. Since the roof is usually made of shingles, you’ll have to be mindful of any missing shingles, leaks, and mold growth.


How much space do you have available in your backyard? Do you want something that will take up a lot of room, or are you looking for something more compact?

A pergola may be as big or little as you want. They’re commonly made of wood and feature an open top with crossed beams. They don’t take up as much room in your yard as a gazebo, but they offer some shade.

Bottom Line

Whether to opt for a gazebo or pergola depends on what suits your fancy and what would work best given the layout of your yard and your budget!

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