Walkout Basement Deck Designs: Considerations And Advantages

Walkout Basement Deck Designs: Considerations And Advantages

Key Takeaways:

  • A walkout basement deck is a great way to make use of space that would otherwise go unused.
  • They are accessible all year round and are especially useful for storage.
  • When designing a walkout basement deck, think about the light coming in through your windows.
  • Consider the direction of your home and the amount of sunlight at various times.
  • Consider whether trees or other structures obstruct the deck area’s view.
  • Under-deck drainage systems are essential for keeping your space dry.
  • Castle Rock Deck & Fence offers deck construction and fencing services to customers in Lone Tree, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Walkout basement deck designs are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons why people choose to build decks this way. Imagine spending time in your backyard. Whether relaxing on a comfortable deck chair or hosting a barbeque for friends and family, enjoy the awesome outdoors from the comfort of your home. You should consider a few things before deciding if this is the right option. Castle Rock Deck & Fence will discuss the pros and cons of walkout basement decks and tips on choosing the best design for your needs.

The Benefits of Basement Walkout Decks

A walkout basement deck may provide several benefits to your home.

1. Additional Space

A primary benefit of adding a basement walkout deck is the extra living space it provides. However, most basements are designed to make them feel uninviting and dark—not places where people want to spend any time. A walkout basement patio or deck will better use your basement by transforming it into a livable space.

It allows you to add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or recreational areas for entertaining in a space that would otherwise be hidden from visitors.

2. Economic Advantages

Extra living square feet will give you the room to stretch out but will also add value to your property. A completed basement can also be a source of rental revenue.

3. Privacy and Additional Light

In addition to increased privacy, another benefit of having a walkout basement deck is the added natural light. Because an exposed wall is included in the design, this allows for windows that provide more illumination than a typical underground basement. Natural light can make your basement feel cozier and significantly brighten the space. However, the lighting may be tricky. It’s critical to remember that only half of the basement has windows, so natural light may not reach the entire area. If you have a big basement, make sure your basement plans include enough artificial illumination to ensure that all of it is illuminated.

Finally, remember that walkout basement decks may not suit every house. These designs perform best on homes with a natural downward slope from the structure to the yard. A walkout basement deck isn’t feasible in certain areas, so be open to alternative solutions.

Factors to Consider Before Designing a Basement Walkout Deck

Aside from these real benefits and drawbacks, building a walkout basement deck will also necessitate the following variables:

Factors to Consider Before Designing a Basement Walkout Deck

1. Cost

Before homeowners can install a walkout basement deck, they must account for the added expenses. The primary drawback is economic—in addition to general construction and decoration costs, excavation is often necessary to allow full access from the basement. While an expansion might make your home more comfortable and increase its value, it could also raise property taxes.

2. The House Direction and Obstructions to the Basement

When designing your basement walkout deck, another thing to think about is the amount of light that will come through your windows. Consider the direction of your home and the amount of sunlight at various times. Also, consider whether trees, foliage, or other structures obstruct the view from the deck area. According to these considerations, you will need to add shading or artificial lighting to your design for using it during the day or night.

3. Local Building Codes

Ensure that your local building codes are followed. Your deck design contractor should be informed of these standards and can collaboratively develop a design that meets your needs.

4. Climate

Before you decide if a walkout basement deck is suitable for your home, deduce if the local climate can support it. For example, even if you love snow, building a deck in an area that gets walloped yearly with several feet of the white stuff isn’t wise unless you anchor it well — heavily-weighted planters or concrete footings are both options. Also, consider temperate aspects such as year-round rainfall; too much moisture will foster mold and rot, so remember when planning your dream deck.

5. Privacy Layout

Another thing to consider when choosing a walkout basement deck design is the amount of privacy you desire. If you have a small backyard or your home backs up to a busy street, you may not want people walking by your deck all the time. In this case, choosing a deck design that is not directly connected to your house may be best.

6. Easier Deck Access

If you have a ground-level space to connect, accessing it from your walkout basement will be much simpler than walking out onto an elevated deck and down the stairs. It will be a huge perk if you enjoy spending time on your underdeck patio all year.

7. Construction and Associated Cost

Expense is the main factor to consider in building a walkout basement. Because creating a walkout basement necessitates substantial excavation and careful planning, it’s never cheap and can raise your home taxes. If you’re concerned about the expense or whether it’s feasible on your property, speak with a qualified deck design contractor who has done this work before.

Also, read our blog on how to find the right custom deck builder for your home.

8. Deck Drainage

Your under-deck drainage is key to keeping your space dry, no matter the season. It’s crucial for many reasons: you may want to use your under-deck area all year round or have it for storage. 

9. Maintenance and Design

When choosing a walkout basement deck design, one final consideration is the amount of maintenance you are willing to do. If you are not interested in cleaning and maintaining your deck, you may want to choose a hassle-free design. However, if you are willing to work, you can have a beautiful and luxurious deck that will last for many years. Regardless of your budget or desires, there is sure to be a walkout basement deck design that is right for you.

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