Many Colorado homeowners are experiencing an increase in wood prices for a plethora of reasons. Canada continues to be the primary source for supplying most of the lumber. With issues like the pandemic, a shortage of houses and a decrease in lumber investing it is no wonder there is a buzz about wood shortages. Here are a few tips on how NOT to get a splinter for soaring wood prices. 

Slowing up the demand for using lumber is the beginning of what economists predict will change the 18–24-month cycle. Until the need for lumber decreases prices will remain high making home improvement projects a bit more costly. This could be part of the reason more of our clients are requesting composite wood versus natural. In fact, many of our new construction is leaning toward this wood alternative because it is becoming more cost efficient. 

Since you can’t just GROW trees in a day or two, production is difficult. Even Empress Splendor trees (Fastest growing) take up to 7-years before they are mature enough to manufacture into lumber. 

Not to mention, many of the wildfires took down our crops for the last few years, causing yet another issue for supplies. Besides the wildfires, trucking companies cannot fulfill hefty orders as drivers and logistic personnel battle out employment across the nation. 

“The Empress Splendor is the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world, growing four times faster than any other tree,” she says. “When mature, they have roughly 24 to 36-in. dia. trunks and are 50 to 60 feet tall. Some diameters as wide as 48-in. have been reported.” ~ John Garbini with Wonder Earth Partners 

The market is also putting their bets on sawmills making a comeback in the next 18-months. However, by that time summer will be over and people want to enjoy their decks and backyard areas NOW.

“Hell, ya can’t blame em?”

The solution to all this wood shortage is to consider using composite wood wherever you can. It is less expensive, looks incredible and you can’t get a splinter when walking on it. 

Alternative to Wood Products is Composite which is a man made engineered material made of wood, plastic, straws and adhesive which binds these products together. The result is an ultra-strong and durable substitute that looks stunning when used for backyard decks.

Benefits to composite wood outweigh natural and not just in cost. Consider: 

  • Composite is Eco-Friendly
  • Water Resistant 
  • Durable for Colorado Weather
  • Antiseptic 
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • Does Not Bow, break or bend 
  • Won’t Damage from Saltwater Pools 
  • Smooth feel
  • Comes in a variety of colors 
  • Can be molded to circular designs 

Of course, it is easy to be partial to composite wood with all the perks. However, the part that makes us sad is the lack of client calls as it is longlasting without painting or repairs. The darn stuff is nearly indestructable! The buzz IS our clients prefer composite over lumber regardless of cost as an investment and a way to help the lumber industry recover from lack of production. In a sense, we are helping trees grow by using composite products versus hardwood. Time is of the essence when it comes to the trees and nature taking its course.

Our artisans provide quality work and materials on a variety of services such as pergolas, outdoor bars, decking and more! 

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