Choosing the Right Saw for the Job


Not every saw is right for each project. While we didn’t cover them all, this guide should get you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the correct tool. However, some of these may be used for multiple tasks. If you’re not sure which of these you should select when you ask “What Type of Saw Should I Use for Which Job?” drop us a line to get the answer. 

  • Backsaw – Good for Fine Cuts and Miter Cuts
  • Bow Saw – Good for Cutting Trees and Pruning
  • Coping Saw – Good for Trim work, scrolls and ‘close-ups’
  • Crosscut Saw – Nice for cutting tree branches & camping
  • Fret Saw – Perfect for intricate cuts
  • Hacksaw – Cuts through metal, wood and plastic
  • Keyhole Saw – Ideal for cutting circles and drywall
  • Rip Cut Saw – Nice selection for framing and other carpentry
  • Veneer Saw- Works with cabinetry
  • Wallboard Saw – Drywall Eater
  • Wire Saw – Masonry
  • Band Saw – Woodworking and cabinetry
  • Portable Band Saw -Cuts Metal, Wood and Pipes
  • Chain Saw – Good For Making Horror Movies
  • Chop Saw – Metal and Masonry Work
  • Circular Saw – Cuts Plastic, Wood, Metal and Masonry
  • Compound Miter Saw – Good for tight cuts such as crown molding and door frames
  • Jigsaw – Cuts angles and round curve
  • Table Saw – Wood working
  • Tile Saw – You guessed it..

While we may have missed a few, this is a good list. Hope it helps!

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