8-Tips for Getting a Summer Home Ready

 1) Get the Air Conditioning or Your Heating & Cooling System Running.

2) Clean the Grill.

 3) If it’s been over 5-years, Get the Deck Inspected.

 4) Dust and Maintenance All Your Fans.

 5) Make Sure the Generator Has Gas or Power.

 6) Wash the Windows or Hire Someone to Do the Job.

 7) Clean out the chimney and check for any critters.

 8) Replace your weatherstripping or add some for energy efficiency.

1.) Get the air conditioning or HVAC system running in tip-top shape. If the home is in the mountains be sure to have heat even in the summer since it is Colorado where we are blazing-hot one minute, then arctic cold. (That happens all year by the way, for those who don’t know).

2.) Clean the BBQ Grill and Fire-Pit so it is ready to use. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY enjoys crunching down on bugs and old hot dogs particles. Do everyone a favor and get some deep cleaning done. 

3.) VERY IMPORTANT: If it has been over 5-years since the deck was built or last inspected, then it is time to GIDDY-UP! Homeowners are responsible for deck collapse or injuries that occur on any property. Therefore it is super important to have a deck replaced or repaired prior to using it or before the entire family piles on band the darn thing falls. Keep it real and use safety first! 

4.) Dust off those ole’ fans because they are going to come in handy. Weather forecasts are predicting another brutally hot summer so we might as well be prepared. 

5.) Don’t wait till the last minute for gassing up the generator or ensuring there is a power source. It is always possible to lose power with some of our more powerful storms. A generator can keep kids from freaking out, trust me it is better to have electrical that works. 

6.) Washing the windows is one of those tedious jobs where most people are happy to hire a pro. Besides it is nice to see the scenery if there is any type of view. Also clean windows are one sure-fire way to enjoy the home for summer.

7.) Critters and debris can get into the chimney where it makes sense to have these serviced. Oftentimes the birds make nests especially if the home has been empty for awhile, so be sure to get these inspected. 

8.) The summer months are the best time of year to replace weather stripping on a house or cabin. This tool is also helpful to keep the cool air in and hot air out which is vital from June to September. Now is the time to make sure this material is in good shape. 

By following these simple tips, the summer will be more enjoyable. Be sure to contact our offices to get a quote on any deck repair or replacement. We’re at your service for deck designing making every homeowner smile one deck at a time. 

Enjoy Your Summer!

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