Fence Off Intruders: 5 Burglar Deterrent Styles For Your Neighborhood

Fence Off Intruders: 5 Burglar Deterrent Styles For Your Neighborhood

When you think about home security, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a sturdy lock on your door or a security system. But you should start with the basics? A well-made fence can be an excellent deterrent against burglars and other intruders.

In this blog post, Castle Rock Deck & Fence will discuss four types of fences that can help keep your property safe.

Type 1: Wooden or Timber Fencing

The classic style for most homeowners, timber or wooden fence, is a great way to add extra security to your property. They look good, are pretty sturdy, and can be difficult for would-be burglars to scale.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when installing a fence. First, it’s essential to check your local area’s height limit for fences. You don’t want to run into any legal trouble!

Secondly, close-board wooden fencing might not be the most secure option. You could pry the planks of wood apart relatively easily. If you’re looking for a more secure wooden fence, consider investing in palisade fencing instead.

Type 2: Wooden Hoarding

No, we didn’t misspell that title! Wooden hoarding is a type of fencing, and it’s becoming more popular in residential areas.

Hoarding is usually made from high-quality timber and can be painted or stained to match the look of your property. It features reinforced wooden boards joined with wooden posts set in concrete, and it can withstand enormous pressure. This intimidating fence is perfect for homes in high-crime areas.

Moreover, their sturdiness means that you can only remove them with help from machinery.

Type 3: Chain Link Fencing

This type might be a little hard on the eyes, but it’s certainly effective at keeping burglars out.

Chain link fences are made from, you guessed it, metal chains inter-woven to create a grid-like pattern. These fences are very flexible, and you can install them around any terrain.

If you don’t particularly like their aesthetic, you can always galvanize them or coat them in green or black plastic to blend them in. You could add barbed wire to the top for a further security upgrade. Just ensure to check your area’s fencing ordinances before doing so.

Type 4: Palisade Fencing

While this style will cost you more, it’s ideal for those who require high security.

Palisade fencing is constructed from hot and cold steel sections. It comes in 2 profiles: “D” and “W” – the latter providing the most security.

Not only is it a mean burglar deterrent and almost climb-proof, but it is relatively attractive and flexible. Its open slots and range of heights, colors, and finishes make it an excellent complement to any property.

If you live in an area with high-security risks, this is the ideal fencing style.


Of course, no fence is 100% burglar-proof, but these four styles will make your neighborhood a less appealing target. And remember, the first step to deterring burglars is always a reliable security system.

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