Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

With decorating the home for the holidays, there is one area that gets overlooked or not thought of altogether. That being a commonality allows us to offer some wonderful tips for you to try this year. Here are Castle Rock Deck & Fence deckorating tips for the Christmas holidays. 

Deckorating Tip 1) Look for items that will hang off the railing. This by far is the most common spot for you to share holiday bling with your neighborhood. Especially those who have a shot to see the backyard. Whether it is a string of lights or garland, this will be the easiest way to decorate. Be sure to look for weatherproof decorations that will make it through the winter months. 

Deckorating Tip 2) Don’t forget to deck the benches and ledges for more style. Candles, lamps, and yard fixtures all make a delicate touch that gives off additional holiday cheer. Sometimes, you may not have benches or built-in ledges and can add to the stairways or near the entrance off the deck. Don’t leave these areas empty. Also, consider these as display areas for your poinsettias and Christmas plants. 

Deckorating Tip 3) Display wood signs propped against the exterior walls or in the yard. You know the Welcome signs you see on everyone’s porch? These are still popular with many homeowners living in Colorado with their aesthetically pleasing farm styles. Consider a DIY of recycled wood. Use words like Peace, Joy, Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah to brighten up the yard. 

Deckorating Tip 4) Nutcracker soldiers make excellent guards for your decking. Many people use air-filled snowmen, Santas, and other holiday characters to liven up the deck or outdoor living spaces. Nutcracker figurines seem to look noble as they guard the home during the season. Try a variety of sizes and colors if you’re looking to go all out. 

Deckorating Tip 5) Why not add a tree? The decorations do not have to be elaborate. In fact, some white lights help create a festive mood and look stunning at the same time. Never mind the bulbs and use nothing breakable or that can fly away in the event we have a windstorm or blizzard. 

Deckorating Tip 6) Craft or buy some weatherproof stockings and hang from the rails. This is such a cute idea, and the kids just love them. Remember to stuff with waterproof materials like trash bags or something that can’t get stolen or ruined. 

Deckorating Tip 7) Use your flowerpots for staging decorations. Birch tree branches, evergreen and firs make incredible focal points for any outdoor living spaces. Use some creativity or visit Pinterest for some cool DIY. 

Deckorating Tip 8) Wreaths make wonderful visuals for decking. You don’t need many, just a few strategically placed to shine through the night. Many people buy their wreaths at the florist or your local retailer. However, making your own allows you to spend time with the family and can be made into a tradition. 

Deckorating Tip 9) Take caution if you have pets. Dogs are not always the best in decorating. Place nothing in your animal’s path for them to ingest, or chew on that can be harmful. Cats are also at risk and love to mess around with foreign objects like bulbs and tinsel. Use safety precautions to prevent any injuries to your pets. 

Deckorating Tip 10) If you have a pergola, you can attach some decorative material to make curtains or add some interest to these areas. 

We hope you found these tips to be helpful with the holidays just around the corner. Drop us a line if you have any further ideas. We would love to hear from you. 

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