While that may be a fact, there are some other things to consider. Improving your home also means adding value, but, before I get into it, let me share a story with you. 

When my wife and I bought our first home we decorated everything to our liking. The decor was dialed in with sparkling paint, and beautiful flooring. All our things had thier places.

That is…until the relatives came over. We soon realized our kitchen and living room were no longer comfortable for everyone to gather. 

Since we had nothing but a backyard with a cement slab, we found no one wanted to sit outside. 

Do you feel that way too? Believe me, I get it. 

There is nothing worse than having a group of friends or family over and everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. As much as I love everyone, it becomes crowded and hard to cook or do the other tasks to have a successful event. 

Not to mention, you’re constantly stepping on the dog or knocking over things. There just isn’t enough room to move around.

I felt like a bull in a china shop with clumsy on my side. 

I wanted to offer a place for my crazy family to get together, breathe the fresh air of the Colorado Rockies and enjoy a cold brew. But, that ugly block right outside the sliding glass door was an eyesore and not very functional.

If we did throw a party outdoors, lawnchairs fell off the slab making a hazard. No matter how we decorated, the darn thing was just not attractive or useful and sometimes downright dangerous.

So, we built a deck that had plenty of seating, a great place for my top-notch grill and a fire pit for everyone to enjoy at night. It’s also my favorite place to do some chillaxin. 

Let me tell you, that deck come in handy last year during Covid when we were all stuck at home. The backyard living space was used repeatedly and we’re happy to say we invested giving us a well deserved add on.

Not to mention, our view of the sweeping hills of Castle Rock are in plain sight for us to enjoy every day. 

In fact, we love our backyard so much now, I went into business creating customized decks for other families. 

I was even more excited to learn additions like these increases the useful life of our home which qualified for some deductions. Moreover, when we go to sell, we can be more competitive. 

Since I found a way to solve the problem of cramped kitchens and uncomfortable patio seating, I wanted to share with you. I want you to be DECKCELLENT too! 

If this story resonates with you or if you’ve recently moved into a newer home with not much of a backyard, I want to talk to you. Let’s find a way for you to get DECK-orative and design the backyard of your dreams. 

One last thing. For this month only, I’m entering you in a drawing to win a YETI COOLER (A $200 Value) as a way of thanking my friends! How fun is that? 

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