Find Out What We Tell Our Clients When the Ask About Composite Decking

Are Composite Decks Getting Cheaper for Fall? 

Our customers often ask which is less expensive, composite, or natural wood? When it comes to deck designing and building, composite is coming in cheaper, but you don’t lack an ounce of quality. Cost of lumber is still astronomical, causing wood decking materials to be less affordable than previous years. 

“The run-on lumber appears to be over as prices continue to fall. Last week, the “cash” price fell $160, to $770 per thousand board feet of lumber, according to industry trade publication Fastmarkets Random Lengths.” ~ Lance Lambert/Fortune 

The process takes a long time to grow trees, and it is difficult to get them. Therefore, many of our customers are exploring other options such as composite decking. Composite decking is manufactured and nearly indestructible unless a meteor lands on your deck. Then you’re hosed! Nonetheless, people love how versatile the material is and how much it has gone down in cost over the years. Not to mention, the design aspects are incredible as the material is bendable; where you can create gorgeous curves and not stick to squares. 

What about the crazy prices? Remember, it isn’t like you can just grow a tree or two. It takes at least 5-years to grow Poplar tree to a reasonable height. But that isn’t the only deal causing prices to spike. 

Shortages should become less frequent with Canada (A principal source for lumber) re-opening their borders to the USA. However, we are still coming in on the less-expensive end with composite decking.
Another exciting aspect for composite decking is the gorgeous colors like tiger wood, and pewter compliment every Colorado home & backyard. This year, there has been a big request for the gray or pewter tones. Nice thing about TimberTech materials is you can mix and match for exceptional contrast with color. 

Since we tailor each job to fit your needs, we recommend getting a quote to see the difference in helping you decide which works best for you. 

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