Avoid Backyard Lawsuits

“Research Shows There is a 50% Chance of Surviving a 3rd-Floor Collapse”Decks are excellent additions and something we often take for granted when enjoying their use. However, as a homeowner, you have a responsibility and not just hosting the next summer-party. Some problems arising from wear and tear on your investment would be construction defects, moisture or heat issues, and structural neglect. We want everyone to avoid a backyard lawsuit and put together 5-Safety tips for your patio investment. 

Legally, you could be held liable and charged with negligence for issues centered on safety and stability of your deck or structure. No one wants that. 

Watch this video to see the reality and dangers of faulty deck structures: Deck Disasters Is Your Balcony A Danger Zone? – YouTube

Here are 5-safety tips that will help you be aware of how you can avoid a lawsuit because of things like defects, structural integrity and safety. 

  1. Look for water damage or potential areas where water can get into the wood, soak and rot. These can be around handrails and poles. Pour water near the area and see if it is puddling near openings, cracks etc., This damage can destroy your deck, not to mention create an optimal environment for disaster. 
  2. Water should be run away from the home, not toward. A good deck design will prevent water from being able to decay places like the framing. Also, water should not be able to seep behind the deck to avoid rust and rot. 
  3. Look for construction defects. Using the wrong hardware or materials can result in many problems that include the concrete they mix for securing beams. Don’t assume if it passes inspection or code, it’s all good. Hiring a reputable and experienced contractor is imperative for safe use. 
  4. Look for structural damage, like splitting or fractures that could make the deck unsafe. 
  5. Make certain the deck is not exposed to excessive moisture or water flow. Living near streams and rivers can become a serious danger if your property has been in the path of destruction. Any flooding of your yard should be suspect. 

Contact a lawyer if you have been approached or are subject to a lawsuit. In the meantime, we offer thorough inspections to avoid these types of dangerous situations. We want everyone to enjoy their deck and never have to be concerned about a bad outcome. 

Deck Collapse – YouTube

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