Turn Your Outdoor Bar into a Party Zone

Do you love entertaining at your house? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? When you live in a place like Colorado, you have most likely answered yes to both. One home improvement that is trending right now will help you do both. You can turn your backyard into a a party zone with these 5-“Must-Haves” for your backyard bar. Ready….GO! 

1.) The Fire Pit – 

One must have is a fire pit with the cooler Colorado weather and the changing climate. Whether you live in the hills or you’re on the plains some heat source is necessary to keep you and your guests comfortable. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a toasty-warm fire to sit around while drinking some of the best micro-brew in the country? A fire is a MUST-HAVE and something you will want to have to turn your backyard living space into a total party zone. 

2.) AWESOME Seating – 

It would be a total “Party Foul” to have your family sit on the deck without some type of seat. We recommend buying some weather proof seats with cozy cushions to make everyone loosen up. Most decking remodels include some type of bench seating but it is good to look for bar stools that offer some type of padding. After-all, can you imagine watching a Broncos game without seeing the television? 

3.) State-of-the-Art-Sound Systems – 

OH YEAAAA, BABAY! Today’s audio-visual solutions are vital to any backyard party. Look for a home entertainment professional to wire your backyard bar with woofers, tweeters and a ‘SAWEET’ 4K Flat Screen to keep everyone ready to ROCK! 

4.) Lighting – 

From string lights to cans, you must illuminate your backyard bar with the right type of lighting. Luckily there are so many options on the market today. Let me remind you of the incredible job my crew does with their creative solutions to adding lights to steps and on the railing making sure everyone is safe. Not to mention, lights help create the mood for the night whether you’re having an intimate evening with the spouse or having the whole crew over to watch the game. No matter the occasion, the lights are ON! 

5.) The Roof – 

Just imagine inviting the entire family to the BBQ only to get rained out where the kids and the relatives are now surrounding your family room tracking in the dirt and water. OYE! One solution is to create a covered loggia, pergola or roofing that has some type of overhang where the party continues regardless of weather. We have some excellent designers who can draft up construction that fits your needs as well as combat Colorado’s diverse weather. Just ask and you shall receive. Beats the heck out of cleaning up later. 

Well, there you have it, 5-Must Haves for your backyard bar that will turn your home into a party zone. Not only will you be impressing all your friends, this will become your favorite spot in the whole home. I love my backyard so much, I went into business to provide the same luxury for other homeowners. 

Reach out to get a quote for your Backyard Bar, Today! Leave a comment or direct message me.