If you wake up one day & decide you want to have a deck added to your home, it won’t be that simple a procedure. Adding or renovating decks come in various styles that you can upgrade or start fresh. A most pressing concern is matching your deck to your home, and people create visual disasters if they don’t consider the services of a decking professional.

That is why Castle Rock Deck & Fence is always willing to be on our esteemed client’s case to deliver on not just a deck but one that accentuates the value & aesthetics of your home. We have four deck styles to offer, but we’ll leave the rest of the decorating to you!

1. Attached/Detached Deck

The attached deck is like a patio without concrete or cement bases. Wood or composites are used to create the deck space & it’s a pricy project if you are all in for lumber. Composites can last longer & mimic opulent wood grains. The deck is raised slightly and compliments an L or U-shaped estate best.

The detached deck is similar in principle but varies in function. It is built smack in the middle of a yard (usually a back yard) as a secluded, relaxing spot. It looks like an island patio but is wood or composite. Stairs or stones can be artfully used to create a path to access the deck.

You can add a pergola to either deck for the added bit of pizazz!

2. Rooftop Deck

If your home has a flat roof over the garage, and your estate happens to be cramped, you can opt for a garage/rooftop to get the best of the sun with your family & friends. Unlike most decks, this one needs the structural sounding of your existing garage so it can support the remodeling on top of it.

The style works best in limited spaces and urban dwellings. And with the ground clearance, you get all the sun, privacy & breeze you need for an evening get-together.

3. Wrap-around Deck

It mimics an old-fashioned wrap-around porch, except those parts of the deck can be shaped to hug your home at an elevated or ground level. These decks are usually elevated & spacious for the functionality of an unobstructed view of the space beyond.

This deck style extends your living room space, promotes thorough air circulation inside the house, & allows you to follow the sun within the shade.

4. Multi-Tier Deck

Also known as a two-story deck, it is ideal for large estates with varying elevations. The style comprises multiple decks surrounding the house that are connected by steps & paths of intricate or simplistic design. If your estate has a tricky or uneven terrain with hills or boulders, a multi-tier deck will suit your home best. You may need to add some fauna to give the deck a southern look.

The style allows one to maximize space on multiple levels & create distinct deck spaces. The multi-tier also adds strong aesthetic appeal and can boost your estate price by a significant amount.

If you are in the market for a much-needed deck upgrade or a start-from-scratch deck for your estate, Castle Rock Deck & Fence are your go-to pros for deck design & installation. If you have a preexisting deck & need maintenance, we also assist with inspections.

Please check our services offered in Highlands Ranch, CO, and receive your free estimates. With us on your case, adding a deck will surely turn your estate into a castle!