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Planning Your Deck or Backyard Project Before Winter

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By Stephen Sherwood - August 9, 2021

Planning Your Deck or Backyard Project Before Winter 

It's almost fall and soon winter will be in full swing. You've been eyeing that backyard project for the last few months but it's time to make a decision before winter hits! Planning your deck or backyard project now, can help you save money, energy, and stay warm this coming cold season. From finding the perfect materials to deciding on a design style - we have all the information you need! We'll walk you through everything from getting permits to making sure your home is prepared for any weather condition.

1. Use a deck or backyard planner to plan out what you want your deck or backyard project to look like.
2. Take into account the location of the sun and shade in your yard when planning plants, furniture, and other details.
3. Plan for easy access from inside the house - consider putting steps down from an upstairs porch onto a lower level patio.
4. Consider how much time and money you are willing to spend on this project before getting started. 
5. Make sure that any materials used can be easily replaced if they wear out over time. 
6. If it's cold outside, make sure there is enough room for people to move around without being too close together so they stay warm during winter months.

Use a Deck or Backyard Planner

You can pick up ba planner at places like The Home Depot or Lowe's to make the project run smoothly. Another awesome place to find ideas for planning is on Pinterest where you have access to tons of incredible information pre-project plan. There are also apps online you can use to get your backyard in tip-top shape prior to hiring a contractor. 

Location is Important for Plants and Other Items 

During your planning phase, you'll want to consider the sun and shade factor for placing items like plants or fireplaces. Depending on the type of structure you are building, it is good to discuss with a designer your vision including all the elements you want installed. For instance, if you want a gazebo or pergola what is the best position to avoid our Colorado windy days. Also, we have ways to add roofing to avoid the weather elements that will come in handy. 

Consider Time & Money Before Starting

If you're looking to get the job done before winter sets in, consider the time and money for the project. 
It helps to get a few quotes or a consultation with a local contractor who can help guide you and stay within your desired budget. Also, you'll want to know what the turn around time is from start to finish prior to inviting the family and neighbors to see the finished product. 

Replaceable Materials for Long-Term 

As you may be hearing, many materials have sky rocketed over the last few months. Not to mention, wood decks are not going to last forever. It is important to keep in mind of any alternatives and for how long these materials last or need maintenence. Many homeowners are opting in for composite wood products to curb costs. Either way, your consultations should include any future expectations. 

Plan for Winter and Guests 

If you're looking to do any upgrades or add-ons, it is important to think about space and how everyone is going to fit. 
Before building or construction, it is good to discuss with the designer how you will make the right accomodations. We are getting a lot of request for covered patio and decks that offer shelter for when the snow starts to fall. 

Planning your backyard project before winter is a good idea. The first step in any home improvement endeavor should be to plan it out when you can still enjoy the weather and see how much time, money, or labor will go into completing it. Contact us for a quote on your backyard oasis before winter hits! We’ll help make your dreams come true with expert design ideas that fit within both of those constraints while also considering our environment as well as yours. Together we’ll create an outdoor space tailored to meet all of your needs where it is useful year around!