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7-Reasons So Many Coloradoans are Switching to Composite Wood

Composite Wood is One of the Hottest Commodities Since Sliced Bread!

By Stephen Sherwood - October 4, 2021

7–Reasons So Many Coloradoans are Switching to Composite Wood 

Composite wood, such as the material we use from TimberTech, is one of the hottest commodities since sliced bread! With all the benefits you get from this wood alternative, it is not a wonder why so many Coloradoans are switching to this type of construction. Continue reading to find out the “Dish” on this incredible product. 
  • Built in USA 
  • 25-Year Warranty 
  • Less Maintenance than Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber 
  • Can Cost Less than Organic Wood 
  • Lasts Longer 
  • No Pests Penetrating Your Investment 
  • Environmentally Friendly from the Ground Up
  • Colorado Loves American Made Solutions 
Besides the gorgeous aesthetics of the finished project, you may be happy to know there are two primary hubs for manufacturing. You will find one shop’s location in Wilmington, OH and the other in the same place as the TV series, “The Office.” What does that mean to you? The answer, the trademarked supplier, provides jobs for those living in our country. Many of our residents like the idea of American-Made decking and we agree. 

Lifetime Warranties Available for TimberTech Products 

Did you know? TimberTech provides a 25-year warranty or longer of their materials. However, there are 3-different warranties available to consumers. Many of these warranties cover additional perks like lighting, railing and pavers, making the coverage more attractive to our local homeowners. The best part is this: 
  1. TimberTech Azek is backed by a lifetime limited product warranty of 50-years from fading or stains. 
  2. They backed TimberTech Pro by a 30-year warranty from staining or fading 
  3. They backed TimberTech Edge by a 25-year warranty
That means less money out of pocket for future maintenance.

Less Maintenance than Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber 

With pressure treated lumber, you can expect to have your deck serviced every 5-years to avoid things like corrosion, insect invasions and broken boards. In addition, missing wood can cause injuries along with spikes or nails sticking out. For safety with your deck, most of the people living in Colorado agree this is the better alternative. 

Can Cost Less than Natural Wood 

As of 2020, we found ourselves in a lumber and supply shortage. Shortages spike the cost of many building materials. Not to mention, we are hearing many of our suppliers can’t get product shipped on time with a lack of truckers and dock workers as ships sit off our coast waiting to deliver. All these things factor in cost. Since TimberTech has headquarters in the USA, we are seeing a significant discounted rate for investments. Can’t blame us CO people for wanting to save some money now, can you? 

Composite Wood Lasts Longer 

One of the BIGGEST reasons Coloradoans invest in composite wood is longevity. Since they make the wood boards with 80% recycled material of both wood and PVC, it is more durable. Now, we still love natural wood decks and enjoy design and building aspects. But, we can say composite lasts longer with the advanced technology, which means less money out of pocket in the long-haul. 

Insects Can Not Penetrate the PVC Wood 

Your investment is going to last longer with knowing insects can NOT penetrate the recycled material. Termites and flying ants are some of the major pests that destroy moldings, trim and railing. People with small children are especially fond of using composite wood decking to protect their children from rotting or missing boards. In addition, things like wasps cannot burrow and build their nests as easily as leaving quality of living. 

Environmentally Friendly from the Ground, UP!

The last bragging rights for the TimberTech line are its contribution to our green planet. Many homeowners do not know they make TimberTech from recycled material found in the landfills across the country. However, you can rest assure there is no lack of quality with repurposed polymer boards. 

With all these benefits, it isn’t surprising why we are getting more requests for composite versus natural wood decking. Saving money, maintaining safety and sustainable are top reasons our clients are choosing TimberTech products over waiting for lumber. Not to mention, our crew loves it because you don’t get splinters! 

NOTE from the Editor: Fall is the best time of year to reserve your spot for a deck build or rebuild. Don’t forget, many of the credit unions and banks provide home improvement loans to make it easier. Build now, pay later. Contact us today to schedule a quote with Castle Rock Deck and Fence. Call or text Stephen:  (618) 910-0648

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