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How to Make Your Decking Look HOT with Plants

By Stephen Sherwood - April 6, 2021

Hey, Castle Rock Deck, Fam!! 

Welcome back. We're excited to hear from our neighbors looking for quotes and the season is cooking right now! Besides all that we are often asked questions about the type of landscaping to use when it comes to planting near or on your deck. As a way to be helpful, we want to share with you our Lazy Man's guide for landscaping your deck that will help. 

1.) Yellow Asyllum are Hardy to Stand Against Colorado Weather

Weather in Colorado is often unpredictable. Not to mention, this time of year we could see snow, sleet or hail that can destroy our landscaping. Trying to find a hardy plant that will endure harsh weather is challenging. One beautiful and 'Tough as Nails' perennial that will enhance to look of any decking is Yellow Alyssum. There's a ton of beautiful planters and pots where you can strategically place along your rails or even in a bench planter. 

2.) Ornamental Grass Like Switchgrass Look Stunning 

There are a variety of ornamental grasses for Colorado landscaping that you will love. Blue oat grass and cotton candy are among a few favorites where homeowners go 'GA-GA' over the final results. These tall plants do well in Douglas County with the gorgeous and flowing prawns. They are also easy to care for with little maintence. These look beautiful surrounding any deck or alongside your pavers. 

3.) Remember to Layer to Give a FULL and Aesthitic Appearance

Even if you've recently moved into a newer home where your backyard seems desolate, its not a problem if you use this lazy method to save money on landscaping. More importantly, if you're lazy like I can be, then this is a great way to have a nice aesthetic without being too much trouble. Start with your shorter plants first then layer by height with the tallest plant up aganist the joists or rail. 

4.) Pick a Plant that Won't Starve During a Drought Season

Since we don't always have humid days in Castle Rock, it's important to pick a plant like Cacti or Succulents will dress up the backyard without causing you too much stress. Taking the path of least resistent with dryland or drought type of plants might be just the 'Hot' ticket. 

5.) Soil is Everything 

When you live on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, it is important to consider your soil. Before your do any landscaping, test for clay and pH levels. If planting inground, consider rotatilling prior to dropping any roots. Also, add some gypsum to break up the clay. If you want to take the E-A-S-Y, then buy soil and plant in giant pots. I find this easier to manage throughout the year and create a dramatic look for your backyard living spaces. 

6.) Hire a Landscaping Company who Knows Colorado Plants  

Seriously, if you want to take the summer off from gardening and such, hire a good landscape company who has been in business for a while. These are the professionals who will help you with your vision but they can also plant bushes, shrubbery and flowers that will be compatible with you. 

7.) Protect your Investment from an Invasion of Critters 

If you're trying to avoid working in your yard, then be sure to take the proper measurements to avoid an invasion of unwanted critters. Raccoons, rabbits and crows are all perpetrators to the garden. Even a squirrel can become your biggest nusance if you don't take some precautions. Never feed wildlife is the first thing we will tell you. Once you do, they can come in and rummage all your hard work before you even bloom or harvest a thing. Spray with a natural pesticide as well to prevent bugs from tearing up the leaves. With a little effort you can spend the rest of the weekend on your lounge chair. 

Now that we've outlined 7-strong points including some awesome plants, it's time to take action. Contact us for a quote on any deck or fence repair. We can make further suggestions for planting the right foliage without costing you an arm or a leg. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Castle Rock Deck & Fence in Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs