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Deck Inspections and What We Look At for Your Safety

Deck Safety for Castle Rock, Colorado Residents

By Stephen Sherwood - February 23, 2021

Deck Safety for Castle Rock Residents 

Ensuring your deck is in good operating condition is part of every homowner's safety. In case you were unaware, things like slippery floors and uneven surfaces on a wood deck can be cause for liability and we wouldn't want you to get sued. In cast you were wondering, we have come up with a list for you to understand what we look for when doing a proper inspection. 
  • Check Ledger Boards, Ledger Screws and Bolts 
  • Fill in Joist Hanger Holes from Nails and Check for Corrosion 
  • Inspect Deck Posts and Footings 
  • Check for Rotting Posts and Joints 
  • Test Deck Supports, Anchors and Base 
  • Check for Strong Carraige Bolts 
  • Inspect Fasteners and Connectors
  • Check for Deck Movement and Uneven Boards 
  • Check the Integrity of the Ledger Flashing 
  • Test Seals 
  • Check for Loose Rails 
When we perform a deck inspection you can be sure we will examine all these points to ensure your deck is in sound condition. Older decks may not have had to pass a building code and should be tested immediatly. Decks that have not been properly cared for or maintened can be dangerous. 

Some elements we also seek out would be rotting wood, moisture, connectons and if there are any 'Red Flags' in the construction. Be sure to check with us for any additional issues you would like addressed.