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Is Your Wood Deck a Good ROI?

The Value of Building a Deck for Your Home Investment

By Stephen Sherwood - February 11, 2021

Value of Building a Deck for Your Home's Investment 

The demand for outdoor living continues to be high in Castle Rock, Colorado and other surrounding areas. Let's face it, weather permitting, its nice to spend time with the family outdoors. In fact, if you're anything like our family, you spend as much time outside as possible. Not to mention, The Colorado Association of Realtors states home sales continues to be strong creating more requests for both new construction and home improvements. But does building a deck improve your home investment? What kind of R.O.I. are you hoping for that will build the value you expect? Read on to learn more. 

U.S. News Reported a 70% Increase in Backyard Living Added to Homeowner's Wishlists 

If you caught our recent video, you'd learn some stats from U.S. News where they reported 70% increase for outdoor living space added to designs.  Out of the 500 architects interviewed they claim their clients want to have spaces where they can play. Where recreation and living in the great outdoors is on most homeowner's wish lists. 

You Can Recoup the Cost of Building a Deck

The recoup rate for most of the building costs averages up to 106%!! That statistic should allow you to see the light at the end of the pocketbook. In most cases, if the majority of the homes in your subdivision or neighborhood all have wood or composite decks, then the home that doesn't will be the one no one wants. While that may seem odd, it is true people like to 'Keep up with the Joneses," it just seem human nature to want what the others have so you don't look like the odd ball out. The best news is you can regain the money you invest whether you're adding a new deck or the home is built with one. 

"It's really interesting to me that patios and decks can have more than 100% ROI, as opposed to 50-80% for other home improvements. ~ Oscar Morrison Castle Rock, Colorado

The Real Investment

From dining to watching the kids play in the swimming pool, these backyard is more than just another part of the house. Its the spot where everyone flocks during those warm summer months. It is also the area where you might enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a cold Colorado brewski at night. It is a place where the crickets dance and sing under the stars. Its the area where the neighbors love to hang out with you. We could give you a million reasons why these areas are so important and who can put a price tag on their memories? Is building a deck worth the investment? Absolutely.