Deckorating Ideas For the Christmas Holidays

Don't Forget to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

By Stephen Sherwood - November 11, 2021

Deckorating Ideas For the Christmas Holidays

“Deckorating” Ideas for Christmas Holidays 

With decorating the home for the holidays, there is one area that gets overlooked or not thought of altogether. That being a commonality allows us to offer some wonderful tips for you to try this year. Here are Castle Rock Deck & Fence deckorating tips for the Christmas holidays. 

Deckorating Tip 1) Look for items that will hang off the railing. This by far is the most common spot for you to share holiday bling with your neighborhood. Especially those who have a shot to see the backyard. Whether it is a string of lights or garland, this will be the easiest way to decorate. Be sure to look for weatherproof decorations that will make it through the winter months. 

Deckorating Tip 2) Don’t forget to deck the benches and ledges for more style. Candles, lamps, and yard fixtures all make a delicate touch that gives off additional holiday cheer. Sometimes, you may not have benches or built-in ledges and can add to the stairways or near the entrance off the deck. Don’t leave these areas empty. Also, consider these as display areas for your poinsettias and Christmas plants. 

Deckorating Tip 3) Display wood signs propped against the exterior walls or in the yard. You know the Welcome signs you see on everyone’s porch? These are still popular with many homeowners living in Colorado with their aesthetically pleasing farm styles. Consider a DIY of recycled wood. Use words like Peace, Joy, Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah to brighten up the yard. 

Deckorating Tip 4) Nutcracker soldiers make excellent guards for your decking. Many people use air-filled snowmen, Santas, and other holiday characters to liven up the deck or outdoor living spaces. Nutcracker figurines seem to look noble as they guard the home during the season. Try a variety of sizes and colors if you’re looking to go all out. 

Deckorating Tip 5) Why not add a tree? The decorations do not have to be elaborate. In fact, some white lights help create a festive mood and look stunning at the same time. Never mind the bulbs and use nothing breakable or that can fly away in the event we have a windstorm or blizzard. 

Deckorating Tip 6) Craft or buy some weatherproof stockings and hang from the rails. This is such a cute idea, and the kids just love them. Remember to stuff with waterproof materials like trash bags or something that can’t get stolen or ruined. 

Deckorating Tip 7) Use your flowerpots for staging decorations. Birch tree branches, evergreen and firs make incredible focal points for any outdoor living spaces. Use some creativity or visit Pinterest for some cool DIY. 

Deckorating Tip 8) Wreaths make wonderful visuals for decking. You don’t need many, just a few strategically placed to shine through the night. Many people buy their wreaths at the florist or your local retailer. However, making your own allows you to spend time with the family and can be made into a tradition. 

Deckorating Tip 9) Take caution if you have pets. Dogs are not always the best in decorating. Place nothing in your animal’s path for them to ingest, or chew on that can be harmful. Cats are also at risk and love to mess around with foreign objects like bulbs and tinsel. Use safety precautions to prevent any injuries to your pets. 

Deckorating Tip 10) If you have a pergola, you can attach some decorative material to make curtains or add some interest to these areas. 

We hope you found these tips to be helpful with the holidays just around the corner. Drop us a line if you have any further ideas. We would love to hear from you. 

Just a reminder: We are booking property quotes for building next year. Book your assessment and speak to a designer by dialing (618) 910-0648. Talk to you soon! 


Winterizing Your Deck for 2021 with Castle Rock Deck & Fence

The Least You Need to Know About Getting Your Deck Ready for Winter

By Stephen Sherwood - October 13, 2021

Winterizing Your Deck for 2021 with Castle Rock Deck & Fence

Winterizing Your Deck for 2021 with Castle Rock Deck & Fence 

The Least You Need to Know About Getting Your Deck Ready for Winter 

We've had an influx of calls after yesterday's first snowstorm. Homeowners are wanting the least they need to know about getting their deck ready for winter. When it comes to winterizing your deck for 2021, Castle Rock Deck and Fence are here with some much needed tips. Our goal is to keep you investment looking nice but also lasting for as long as possible. Read on to learn some good tips to make life easier and your property in top condition. 

Tip #1 - Cover Composite Decking with a Tarp or Tarpualin
Wintertime in Colorado can mean rough weather. While composite decking is durable and lasts the longest, it is still important to prepare. Before laying down a tarp, be sure to scrub the deck and allow it to dry. Use a scrub brush to rid the boards of any mold, mildew or discoloration. Our preferred manufacturer does not recommend applying sealant. TimberTech composite wood products are already slip resistant and do not need sealant. While we can't say EVERY composite wood products are equal to the brand we use,  it shouldn't be necessary to seal this material. 

Tip #2 - Remember to Remove Unneccsary Furniture and Items 
Items and furniture can tarnish and damage natural wood decks and some composite products. We suggest storing lawn chairs, planters, rugs and portable fireplaces in a safe place where they won't stain or rust. 

Tip #3 - Get an Inspection, NOW Before the Real Weather Kicks In
For the safety of the users and your family members, be sure to get a thorough inspection of your wood decks prior to weather kicking in to ensure no issues will be made. When doing an inspection, we look for the following: 
  • Look for Loose or Broken Boards 
  • Check All Handrails for Damage 
  • Inspect for missing screws, or protruding nails 
  • Observe and Repair and Parts with Mold or Mildew 
  • Repair Water Damage 
Tip #4 - Wash and Dry Your Deck to Avoid Future Problems 
A little bleach and soap goes a long way. Since we still have some nice days ahead, this is the perfect time to get this done. 

Tip #5 - Stain and Seal Wood Decking for Protection 
While it may seem odd to stain or seal a deck before snow season, most manufactures and decking companies will refer to this treatment during the fall. Remember, it will take a few hours for drying times. Allow for this type of service to be complete within a day or two. 

If you do find snow or even hail has a sheet of ice, be cautious. Scratching boards is something commonly found when people DIY. Wood is porous and softer than most composite decking materials and can damage easily. 

Currently, we are booking up fast for winterizing decks in Colorado. However, we would be happy to discuss inspections and will work year round to provide excellence in customer care. Book a quote with us today! Click here: Contact Castle Rock Deck & Fence in Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs (

7-Reasons So Many Coloradoans are Switching to Composite Wood

Composite Wood is One of the Hottest Commodities Since Sliced Bread!

By Stephen Sherwood - October 4, 2021

7-Reasons So Many Coloradoans are Switching to Composite Wood

7–Reasons So Many Coloradoans are Switching to Composite Wood 

Composite wood, such as the material we use from TimberTech, is one of the hottest commodities since sliced bread! With all the benefits you get from this wood alternative, it is not a wonder why so many Coloradoans are switching to this type of construction. Continue reading to find out the “Dish” on this incredible product. 
  • Built in USA 
  • 25-Year Warranty 
  • Less Maintenance than Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber 
  • Can Cost Less than Organic Wood 
  • Lasts Longer 
  • No Pests Penetrating Your Investment 
  • Environmentally Friendly from the Ground Up
  • Colorado Loves American Made Solutions 
Besides the gorgeous aesthetics of the finished project, you may be happy to know there are two primary hubs for manufacturing. You will find one shop’s location in Wilmington, OH and the other in the same place as the TV series, “The Office.” What does that mean to you? The answer, the trademarked supplier, provides jobs for those living in our country. Many of our residents like the idea of American-Made decking and we agree. 

Lifetime Warranties Available for TimberTech Products 

Did you know? TimberTech provides a 25-year warranty or longer of their materials. However, there are 3-different warranties available to consumers. Many of these warranties cover additional perks like lighting, railing and pavers, making the coverage more attractive to our local homeowners. The best part is this: 
  1. TimberTech Azek is backed by a lifetime limited product warranty of 50-years from fading or stains. 
  2. They backed TimberTech Pro by a 30-year warranty from staining or fading 
  3. They backed TimberTech Edge by a 25-year warranty
That means less money out of pocket for future maintenance.

Less Maintenance than Pressure Treated (PT) Lumber 

With pressure treated lumber, you can expect to have your deck serviced every 5-years to avoid things like corrosion, insect invasions and broken boards. In addition, missing wood can cause injuries along with spikes or nails sticking out. For safety with your deck, most of the people living in Colorado agree this is the better alternative. 

Can Cost Less than Natural Wood 

As of 2020, we found ourselves in a lumber and supply shortage. Shortages spike the cost of many building materials. Not to mention, we are hearing many of our suppliers can’t get product shipped on time with a lack of truckers and dock workers as ships sit off our coast waiting to deliver. All these things factor in cost. Since TimberTech has headquarters in the USA, we are seeing a significant discounted rate for investments. Can’t blame us CO people for wanting to save some money now, can you? 

Composite Wood Lasts Longer 

One of the BIGGEST reasons Coloradoans invest in composite wood is longevity. Since they make the wood boards with 80% recycled material of both wood and PVC, it is more durable. Now, we still love natural wood decks and enjoy design and building aspects. But, we can say composite lasts longer with the advanced technology, which means less money out of pocket in the long-haul. 

Insects Can Not Penetrate the PVC Wood 

Your investment is going to last longer with knowing insects can NOT penetrate the recycled material. Termites and flying ants are some of the major pests that destroy moldings, trim and railing. People with small children are especially fond of using composite wood decking to protect their children from rotting or missing boards. In addition, things like wasps cannot burrow and build their nests as easily as leaving quality of living. 

Environmentally Friendly from the Ground, UP!

The last bragging rights for the TimberTech line are its contribution to our green planet. Many homeowners do not know they make TimberTech from recycled material found in the landfills across the country. However, you can rest assure there is no lack of quality with repurposed polymer boards. 

With all these benefits, it isn’t surprising why we are getting more requests for composite versus natural wood decking. Saving money, maintaining safety and sustainable are top reasons our clients are choosing TimberTech products over waiting for lumber. Not to mention, our crew loves it because you don’t get splinters! 

NOTE from the Editor: Fall is the best time of year to reserve your spot for a deck build or rebuild. Don’t forget, many of the credit unions and banks provide home improvement loans to make it easier. Build now, pay later. Contact us today to schedule a quote with Castle Rock Deck and Fence. Call or text Stephen:  (618) 910-0648

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Common Problems with Decking You Didn't Know

5-Important Issues with Natural Wood Decks

By Stephen Sherwood - September 14, 2021

Common Problems with Decking You Didn't Know

Picture this Deck Scenario: 

Your kid's first birthday party is scheduled this weekend and your spouse invited everyone in the entire neighborhood and every relative to see this once in a lifetime event.

While you're cleaning the backyard you realize the handrail to the deck is loose. You do what you can to repair by tieing a few strings around the wood slats. 

After "MacGyvering" the railing, you trip on a raised nail nearly break your booty. You pick yourself up off the wood planks when a rather large sliver penatrates the palm of your hand. Not only does it itch like crazy, it hurts. 

Your wife is kind enough to pull out the sliver and you go back to cleaning up. 

Just as you are finishing up, you notice a large hole in near the sliding glass door. Since the missing plank doesn't appear to be too big, you cover it with a rug and return to your chores. 

With all these minor details, you can imagine what would happen if a number of people are standing on an older structure such as this one. A deck needs to be repaired or maintained every 5-years.  

As a homeowner, you are responsible for any injury happening on your property. Repair your decking as soon as you witness it is faulty. 

These are the 5-most common problems with natural or organic wood decking you may encounter: 
  1. Loose Railing 
  2. Loose or Raised Nails or Staples 
  3. Broken or Missing or Holes in the Slats 
  4. Termites or Flying Ants 
  5. Slivers from Protruding Wood
In addition, to these common instances, decks that have not undergone inspection or address repair can even lead to a collapsed structure which lead to injuries or in some cases, death. 

Another solution is to switch from natural wood decking to composite wood decking. Composite is manufactured and offers many benefits such as: 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Never needs staining or upgrading 
  • Rarely falls apart or breaks
  • Can not be invaded by insects 
  • Lasts longer with little to no maintenence. 

Don't get stuck with hospital bills or risk getting sued because of decking issues. Book your project with us before November 15th, 2021 and we will throw in a FIRE PIT for your winter backyard oasis. Must book your deck repair or new construction with Castle Rock Deck and Fence to qualify. 

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Are Composite Decks Getting Cheaper for Fall? 

Find Out What We Tell Our Clients When the Ask About Composite Decking

By Stephen Sherwood - August 26, 2021

Are Composite Decks Getting Cheaper for Fall? 

Are Composite Decks Getting Cheaper for Fall? 

Our customers often ask which is less expensive, composite, or natural wood? When it comes to deck designing and building, composite is coming in cheaper, but you don’t lack an ounce of quality. Cost of lumber is still astronomical, causing wood decking materials to be less affordable than previous years. 

“The run-on lumber appears to be over as prices continue to fall. Last week, the "cash" price fell $160, to $770 per thousand board feet of lumber, according to industry trade publication Fastmarkets Random Lengths.” ~ Lance Lambert/Fortune 

The process takes a long time to grow trees, and it is difficult to get them. Therefore, many of our customers are exploring other options such as composite decking. Composite decking is manufactured and nearly indestructible unless a meteor lands on your deck. Then you're hosed! Nonetheless, people love how versatile the material is and how much it has gone down in cost over the years. Not to mention, the design aspects are incredible as the material is bendable; where you can create gorgeous curves and not stick to squares. 

What about the crazy prices? Remember, it isn’t like you can just grow a tree or two. It takes at least 5-years to grow Poplar tree to a reasonable height. But that isn’t the only deal causing prices to spike. 

Shortages should become less frequent with Canada (A principal source for lumber) re-opening their borders to the USA. However, we are still coming in on the less-expensive end with composite decking. 

Another exciting aspect for composite decking is the gorgeous colors like tiger wood, and pewter compliment every Colorado home & backyard. This year, there has been a big request for the gray or pewter tones. Nice thing about TimberTech materials is you can mix and match for exceptional contrast with color. 


Since we tailor each job to fit your needs, we recommend getting a quote to see the difference in helping you decide which works best for you. 


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